Questions over Milan稳定投资赚钱的小项目 FFP report

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Considering their spending spree on Mateo Musacchio, Franck Kessie and Ricardo Rodriguez, are the books genuinely balanced?

&ld皇冠外围投注quo;Milan presented the plan that is customary after a change of ownership, but UEFA asked for clarification, as evidently the paperwork was not enough,” La Repubblica reporter Stefano Scacchi told TMW Radio.

The new owners, led by Yonghong Li, , but then withdrew it and will present a new version in October.

“This situation makes clear the critical issues with this Milan takeover, as we still don’t entirely know the new owners. Milan relied on figures that UEFA consid网络外围投注ered impossible.

“Instead, Milan opted to withdraw the plan and present it again in October. The two elements that UEFA concentrated on were the economic sustainability of the new owners and the over-estimated merchandising sales, which far out-weigh even the biggest European clubs.

UEFA rejected Milan&线上足球投注rsquo;s Financial Fair Play plan because there are questions over economic sustainability and revenue from merchandising.

“Evidently UEFA wanted them to err on the side of caution, but instead this report went completely over the top.”